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KIM 484 - Inorganic Chemistry III

Course Objectives

1. To teach the properties and chemical bonding of d and f block elements,
2. To teach the mechanisms of inorganic reactions,
3. Using and applying the acid-base theories,
4. Synthesis of organometallic compounds, their general properties and their usage areas
5. To gain knowledge on nanotechnology and nanoscience of inorganic complexes,
6. To teach the physical techniques used in inorganic chemistry.
7. To discuss the general and structural aspects of catalysis,
8. To discuss the structures and functions of inorganic complexes and materials in biological systems,

Course Description

d- and f- block elements, ligand substitution reactions in inorganic chemistry, acid-base concepts,, properties and usage of organometallic compounds, stability of complexes, inorganic nanomaterials, physical techniques in inorganic chemistry, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, fundamental tasks of inorganic elements in biochemistry and bioinorganic materials.

Course Coordinator
Esin Hamuryudan
Course Language
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