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KIM 101EL - General Chemistry I Laboratory

Course Objectives

1. To gain ability of doing chemistry experiments under the safe conditions,
2. Learning chemistry knowledge with the experiments,
3. Applying basic techniques and using instruments,
4. Writing scientific reports,
5. Understanding the relationship between daily life and chemicals.

Course Description

Laboratory safety rules, basic chemical concepts , Matter: Its properties andMeasurements, Atoms and the Atomic Theory, Electrons in Atoms, Periodic Table and
Some Atomic Properties, Chemical Compounds, Chemical Reactions, Introduction toReactions in Aqueous Solutions, Gases, Thermochemistry, Chemical Bonding (Basicconcepts, Valance bond and Molecular Orbital Theories), Intermolecular Forces inLiquids and Solids, Solutions and Their Physical Properties, Principles of ChemicalEquilibrium, Acids and Bases, Spontaneous Change: Entropy and Gibbs Energy.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Durmaz
Course Language
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