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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 Units and Physical Quantities: Fundamental quantities, significant figures.
2 Vectors: Addition of vectors, scalar product, vector product.
3 Motion in one and two dimensions: Position, velocity and acceleration vectors, projectile motion, uniform circular motion.
4 Newton’s Laws: 1., 2., and 3. Newton’ s law.
5 Application of Newton laws: Friction, uniform circular motion.
6 Work and Kinetic Energy: Work, Work-energy theorem, power.
7 Potential energy and conservation of energy: Conservative and non-conservative forces.
8 Momentum and motion of system of particle: Center of mass, motion of the center of mass.
9 Momentum and motion of system of particle: Conservation of momentum.
10 Rotational kinematics: Angular position, angular velocity, angular acceleration, moment of inertia.
11 Rotational dynamics: Torque, angular momentum
12 Rotational dynamics: Rotation of rigid a body, work concept for rotation, conservation of angular momentum, gyroscopes.
13 Static Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies: Conditions for static equilibrium.
14 Elasticity: Stress, strain.
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