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ITB 205E - Philosophy

Course Objectives

1. Developing the ability to think theoretically and conceptually.
2. Developing the ability to communicate and discuss issues effectively.
3. Developing the ability to read and understand texts, make research and write.
4. Developing the capacity to locate and evaluate the various issues of philosophy in social contexts.

Course Description

‘Philosophy’ is a Greek word which means ‘love of wisdom.’ It is kind of search for self-understanding It seek wisdom to be human, the cosmos, and people’s relation to the cosmos. It exists with activity of critical thinking. It calls presuppositions and concepts into question and attempts to analyze concepts, to get at the basic reality of each such concept. There are various competing understandings of human nature can be found in religious, philosophical, and political thought. Such understandings of human nature often shape our self-understanding of what we are and who are we. Asking questions what we are, who are we, and reflecting on what it means to be human, the goal of this course is exploration of philosophical knowledge through an unbiased search of reality. It will review various arguments of human nature that found in philosophy from ancient to modern times through a disinterested exploration for truth. Reviewing different philosophical arguments on issue of what it means to be human being will help students realize that a philosophical argument is insufficient or theory is incomplete and thus help them to expand their limits of self-knowledge and self-understanding in the search of wisdom.

Course Coordinator
Gürcan Koçan
Course Language
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