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ITB 207 - Ottoman History

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the students to basic sources of the Ottoman History
2. To familiarize the students with the scientific methods of the field as well as the culture of research methods
3. To help the students evaluate the Ottoman history from a broader perspective using such interdisciplinary perspectives as history of science and technology, and social history.
4. To evaluate and locate the Ottoman History within the world history perspective.
5. To develop students ability in reading, understanding and writing in Ottoman History

Course Description

Common Methodological Mistakes in Ottoman History, Ottoman State Tradition and Administrative Philosophy, Discussions on the Ottoman Decline and Periodization of the Ottoman History, Ottoman Family, Women, Harem and Children, The Millet System, Basic Subjects of the Ottoman Economy, Selected topics of the Ottoman Literature, Education in the Ottoman World, Ottoman Naval Technology, Ottoman Army and Military Recruitment Strategies, Medical Theories and Practices, Sports in the Ottoman Empire, Engineering in the Ottoman Empire

Course Coordinator
Saltuk Duran
Course Language
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