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KIM 211E - Analytical Chemistry

Course Objectives

1. To provide a background in those chemical principles that are particularly important to analytical chemistry
2. To give judgments of the accuracy and precision of experimental data
3. To show how these judgments can be sharpened by the application of statistical methods
4. To introduce gravimetric and titrimetric techniques of Analytical chemistry

Course Description

Steps in quantitative analysis; Methods for expression of concentrations of solutions. Errors in chemical analysis; Application of statistics to data treatment and evaluation; Gravimetric method of analysis; Titrimetric method of analysis; Aqueous solution chemistry; Effects of electrolytes on ionic equilibria; Application of equilibrium calculations to complex systems; Titration curves for complex acid-base systems; Complex formation titrations; Precipitation titrimetry; Review

Course Coordinator
Ferah Çalışır
Course Language
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