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KIM 414 - Food Chemistry

Course Objectives

1. To instruct important properties and chemical structures of food components
2. Understand the importance of the reactions during food processing
3. Think critically for the effect of each component on food quality

Course Description

Introduction to food chemistry, formation, classification and nomenclature of proteins (phospoproteins and lipoproteins) special reactions and decomposition of proteins, special reactions of mono and disaccharides, polysaccharides (starch and pectin), decomposition of vitamin C and saccharides, fats, production, purification and hydrogenation of fats, other lipids (lipoproteins, vitamins, A, D, and E ) decomposition of fats, enzymes, decomposition, inorganic compounds in food chemistry, protection of foods by physical methods, protection of foods by chemicals.

Course Coordinator
Oya Atıcı
Course Language
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