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FIZ 213E - Electricity and Magnetism

Course Objectives

To learn the fundamental laws and concepts of electricity and magnetism, to learn how to calculate electric and magnetic fields for some simple charge and current configurations, to learn how charges, at rest or moving, are affected by electric and/or magnetic fields, to learn the meaning of Maxwell equations and to be able to use them in solving problems

Course Description

Electric Charges and Coulomb’s Law, Gauss’ Law, Electric Potential, Capacitance and Dielectric Materials, Current-Resistance and EMF, DC Circuits, Magnetic Field and Magnetic Forces, Sources of Magnetic Field, Magnetic Properties of Matter, Magnetic Induction and Faraday’s Law, Inductance, Electromagnetic Oscillations and AC Circuits.

Course Coordinator
Sevtap Yıldız Özbek
Course Language
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