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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Bilim ve Teknoloji Tarihi
English History of Science and Technology
Course Code
ITB 218 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 - - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Saltuk Duran
Course Objectives The aim of the course is to contribute the students to comprehend the answers of the following questions properly:
1. What, if anything, was revolutionary about early modern changes in the science and technology?
2. 2. In this perspective, How did the science and technology come to have authority over human progress?
3. 3. How did the science and technology become a central part of public life?
Course Description Paleolithic and Neolithic societies, Science before the 13th century, The Islamic world in its scientific heyday, Scientific traditions in China through the Ming period, Late-medieval Europe, Why not the Islamic world or China? - Why Europe?, Introduction to the Scientific Revolution - Scientific institutions and the birth of modern experiment, Cartesians, Newtonians, and the legacy for the 18th century, Industrialization and science, Roots of evolutionary theory, European imperialism and the sciences of race, Introduction to modernism, From classical to modern physics, Science and 20th-century - Making and using the atomic bomb
Course Outcomes Students who succeed the course will be able to;
1. Understand some of the ways that changing social contexts have shaped the science and technology over time;
2. Think theoretically and conceptually;
3. Developing the capacity to locate and evaluate engineering problems in their social contexts;
4. Communicate and discuss issues effectively.
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