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KIM 207 - Inorganic Chemistry

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the basic concepts of inorganic chemistry and to develop a perspective on chemistry from inorganic chemistry perspective.
2. Giving electron structure, quantum model, molecular structure and bonding theories of atom at the level of inorganic chemistry
3.Giving information about crystal types, interactions between particles, acid-base theories, transition metals and coordination chemistry

Course Description

Electron structure of atom, quantum model of atom, periodic properties of elements, molecular structure, covalent bond, valence bond theory, molecular orbital theory, electronegativity, ionic bond, crystal structure of ionic compounds, metallic bond, interactions between particles, effects of intermolecular forces, acids and bases, hard and soft acids and bases, applications in acid-base theory, transition metals and coordination chemistry

Course Coordinator
Ayfer Kalkan Burat
Course Language
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