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KIM 102EL - General Chemistry II Lab

Course Objectives

1. Helping the students gain the ability to prepare the experimental setup.
2. Teaching the usage of simple laboratory instruments.
3. Supplying the information learned in general chemistry lectures with the
experiments in laboratory.
4. Teaching the techniques used to write scientific reports.
5. Helping the students gain the ability to interpret experimental results.

Course Description

Acids, bases, and their salts; Preparing buffers and buffer capacity; Determination of a
solubility product constant; Synthesis and features of soap; Analysis of the cations in
the Group I or the chloride group, The hydrogen sulfide group, The ammonium sulfide
group, Group IV cations, The identification reactions of common anions and their salts;
Preparation of [Co(NH3)5ONO]Cl2 – linkage isomerism.

Course Coordinator
Özgül Sağlam
Course Language
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