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KIM 206 - Analytical Chemistry & Instrumental Analysis

Course Objectives

1.To provide a rigorous background in fundamental principles of analytical
2.To develop an appreciation for judging the accuracy and precision of
experimental data

Course Description

Introduction and basic concepts; Errors in chemical analysis; Aquous solutions and Chemical Equilibrium; Effects of Electrolytes on Ionic Equilibria; Application of Equilibrium Calculations to Complex Systems; Gravimetric Methods of Analysis; Titrimetric Methods of Analysis; Precipitation Titrimetry; Theory of Neutralization Titrations; Complex- Formation Titrations; Introduction to Electrochemistry and Applications; Introduction to Spectrochemical Methods; Atomic and Molecular Absorption Spectroscopy; Molecular Fluorescence Spectroscopy; Introduction to Chromatographic Methods; Gas and High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Course Coordinator
Gülcemal Yıldız
Course Language
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