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KIM 317E - Industrial Polymers

Course Objectives

To emphasize the fundamentals of polymers as materials
2) To introduce the factors effecting the material properties at three level of focus a) molecularb) the micro (polymer chains and crystals) c) macro (Physical properties)
3) Introduction to industrially important polymers

Course Description

Definition of plastics and polymers, Plastic Industry, Microstructure in polymers (Amorphous and crystalline), Thermal Transition of Polymers (Heat Distortion Temperature, HDT) Effects of thermal changes on polymers, the effect of molecular weight and polydispersity on physical properties of polymer, Mechanical properties of polymers,Test methods, Instrumantation, Thermoplastic materials: Polyethylene, Polyethylene Copolymers, Polypropylene, Polyvinyl chloride, Polystyrene. Engineering Plastics: Polyamides, Acetals, thermoplastic polyesters, polycarbonates, Acrylics, Fluoropolymers, high performance thermoplastics, Cellulosics.

Course Coordinator
Hacer Ayşen Önen
Course Language
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