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KIM 113 - Introduction to Chemistry and Ethics

Course Objectives

1. From past to present, to give intellectual and cultural information about various effects of chemistry on human and social life by discussing under different titles.
2. To provide scientific fundamentals of chemical and physical properties of the molecules that caused enormous changes in human life and to discuss the development stages of scientific information about these molecules.
3. To discuss the relationship of chemistry with ethics, morals and ethics relationship, and ethical behaviors in science.
4. To provide information about ethical issues in chemical research and scientific publications.

Course Description

What is chemistry, its short history and chemistry as a profession. Effects of chemistry on the social life from history to present; discovery, synthesis, properties of the molecules causing enormous changes in the history of humanity, big chemical disasters and their scientific reasons, chemistry and wars, chemistry and industrial revolutions. Science and ethics, ethics in chemical research, ethical issues in scientific publications and ethical issues in laboratories.

Course Coordinator
Barış Yücel
Barış Yücel
Course Language
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