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KIM 206 - Analytical Chemistry anad Enstrumental Analysis

Course Objectives

1.To have basic principles and laws of analytical chemistry
2.To interpretation the relationship of solid-solution equilibrium
3.To calculate of unknown concentration of analyte,making decision which reactions are utilized and applied.

Course Description

The Nature of Analytical Chemistry Calculations Used in Analytical Chemistry Errors in Chemical Analysis Random Errors in Chemical Analysis Statistical Data Treatment and Evaluation
Aqueous Solutions and Chemical EquilibriaEffect of Electrolytes on Chemical EquilibriaSolving Equilibrium Calculations for Complex Systems
Gravimetric Methods of AnalysisTitrimetric Methods , Precipitation Titrimetry Principles of Neutralization Titrations Complexation Reactions and Titrations Titration Curves for Complex Acid/Base Systems

Course Coordinator
Sevgi Güney
Course Language
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