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KIM 223EL - Inorganic Chemistry Lab

Course Objectives

1. To provide a general look and evaluation for inorganic compounds for
understanding their structures
2. To provide an ability to synthesize and characterize inorganic materials and their
extensive usage.

Course Description

Ni Complex of a Schiffs Base; Simulation of atomic and Molecular Orbital;
Spectrophotometric Determination of Complex Ions in Solutions; Simetry and Group
Teory; Amonium dichromate, Chromium oxide, Potassium Chromate, Potassium
Peroxochromate; Tansition Metal–Carbon Bonds in Chemistry and Biology;
Preparation and Characterization of Metal-Acetylacetonate Complexes; Magnetic
Susceptibility; Preparation and ınvestigation of some Coordination Compounds;
Characterization of Copper Oxalate Complexes.

Course Coordinator
Esin Hamuryudan
Course Language
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