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ITB 221 - Anatolian Archaeology

Course Objectives

This course aims,
1. to give information about the Anatolian civilizations, their culture and art,
2. to raise awareness on the protection of cultural assets by creating a memory regarding the
history of civilization and culture,
3. to create awareness about cultural history and its relationship between today's culture.

Course Description

Prehistoric settlements in Anatolia, ancient Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian, Lydian, Lycian, Carian, Bythinian, Thrakian,civilizations as well as Roman and Byzatine periods will be studied in the context of the course while their impact on formation of the Anatolian culture will be analyzed. The reflection of these civilizations to existing traditions of today’s culture and their relationship between cultural history will also be discussed.

Course Coordinator
Çiğdem Özkan Aygün
Course Language
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