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KIM 312EL - Physical Chemistry Lab. II

Course Objectives

1.Spectrofotometric investigation of chemical reactions, evaluation of experimental data, rate and order calculations
2.Calculation of activation energy from experimental data
3.Adsorbtion and isotherms
4. Photochemical reactions, quantum yield calculation

Course Description

Viscometric investigation of the acrylamide reaction.
Determination of the rate constant of the butyl acetate hydrolysis.
Investigation of the acetone –iodine reaction.
Determination of the reaction order in the KMnO4–Oxalic acid reaction.
Thermometric titration.
Determination of the activation energy of the bromide reaction
Adsorption kinetics
Investigation of monomolecular reactions
Consecutive reaction kinetics
Excited-state properties
Kinetics of luminescence quenching
Adsorption isotherms

Course Coordinator
Orhan Güney
Orhan Güney
Course Language
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