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MAT 116E - Adv.Scientific &Eng.Computing

Course Objectives

1. To teach mathematics majors about advance concepts of scientific computing
2. To prepare them for courses they are going to take in which they need to write programs to perform calculations.

Course Description

Introduction to Scientific and Engineering Computing, Introduction to Program Computing Environment, Variables, Operations and Simple Plot, Algorithms and Logic Operators, Errors and Source of Errors, Functions, Linear algebra applications, Gauss elimination, LU decomposition, iterative methods: Gauss-Siedel, Linear least squares regression with built-in functions, Nonlinear equations in single variable, fixed-point iteration in single variable, Newton-Raphson method in single variable equations, Applications to nonlinear equations in single variable with built-in functions, Numerical differentiation in single variable, Numerical integration in single variable, Numerical differentiation and integration with built-in functions, Introduction to solutions of ordinary differential equations with built-in functions.

Course Coordinator
Ersin Özuğurlu
Eril Güray Çelik
Eril Güray Çelik
Course Language
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