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FIZ 456 - Physics of Atoms and Molecules

Course Objectives

1)Calculating, the energy levels, degeneracy, spin and angular momentum, coupling of the momentums, spectrum of the atoms’ ranging from hydrogen to many electron atoms, directly or by using approximations.
2)To investigate the contexture of bonds of molecules and their spectrums.

Course Description

Thomson’s, Rutherford’s, Bohr’s atomic models and quantum atomic model, atomic spectra. For one-electron atoms; time-independent Schrödinger equation summary. Stern-Gerlach experiment, orbital magnetic dipole moment, electron’s spin, spin-orbit interaction. Hydrogen energy levels. For many-electron atoms; exclusion principle, exchange interactions. Helium atom, Hartree-Fock theory, fundamental levels. Periodic table, alkali atoms, LS and JJ coupling, energy levels of carbon atoms. Zeeman effect. Bonds and spectrums of molecules.

Course Coordinator
Ali Gelir
Course Language
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