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ITB 207 - Ottoman History

Course Objectives

The course aims to familiarize the students with Ottoman history and historical methodology.

Course Description

How do we study history? Historical sources and methodology of history.
Book and reading culture in the Ottoman Empire
Libraries in the Ottoman Empire
History engineering and engineering education in the Ottoman Empire
The development of vocational-technical education in the Ottoman Empire
Naval technology in the Ottoman Empire (from galleys to galleons, from steamships to dredno...)
Military technology in the Ottoman Empire
Communication and transportation technologies in the Ottoman Empire (telegraph, road, bridge, port, railway construction, trams)
Ottoman Empire and electrical technology
Ottoman Empire and its participation in the World Fairs (London, Vienna, Paris, Chicago World’s Fairs)
History of medicine in the Ottoman Empire (Diseases-Plague in the Ottoman Empire ... / 19th century public health, wars and the changing role of the state in the field of health... )
Ottoman History and Gender Studies

Course Coordinator
Ulaş Duygu Aysal Cin
Course Language
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