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ITB 208 - Formation of Modern Turkey

Course Objectives

1. To gain an understanding of the interrelatedness of the diverse economic, political,
and sociological factors that have shaped the modern history of Turkey.
2. To develop a critical perspective on the major sociological and historical forces at
work in the Turkish modernization experience.
3. To familiarize students with the reading of historical source texts.

Course Description

Selim III and the New Order, Reforms of Mahmud II, The Tanzimat Reform Period, The
Hamidian Period, The Young Turk Movement, The Balkan Wars and World War I, The
Intellectual Formation of Turkish Nationalism: Yusuf Akçura and Ziya Gökalp, Turkish
War of Independence, Opposition and Centralizaiton of Power, The Formation of
Kemalizm: Secularism and Nationalism, Transition to Democracy, The 1960, 1971, and
1980 Military Interventions, A Contested Democracy, Economy and Society in Turkey:

Course Coordinator
Kadir Kon
Hasan Karataş
Course Language
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