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FIZ 445 - Magnetic Properties of Matter

Course Objectives

1.Learning type of magnetism and magnetic materials
2.Learning physical origin of magnetism
3. Have idea of applications of magnetic materials and appreciate its applications

Course Description

Magnetic units and magnetic terms
Type of magnetism: Diamagnetism, Ferromagnetism, Antiferromagnetism, Ferrimagnetisms and other magnetic phases; Quantum theories of magnetism
Magnetic anisotropy and types of magnetic anisotropy, magnetostrictions and effect of stress
Domain Structure: Various domain structures and domain walls
Hysteresis of single domain particles and thin films
Application of magnetic materials in engineering: Hard magnetic materials and their applications, Soft magnetic materials and their applications, and application of thinfilms and magnetic particles.

Course Coordinator
Baki Altuncevahir
Course Language
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