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ITB 094E - International Relations and Globalization

Course Objectives

1. To define the constituents of International Relations (IR) in the context of globalization and to understand the crises and transformations at the political, economic, cultural and technological dimensions of globalization
2. To explore the IR Theories in a comparative perspective and discuss different approaches these theories bring to the concept of globalization,
3. To examine the issues and/or challenges in different dimensions globalization such as; global security, global financial system, climate, migration, digitalization

Course Description

This course grapples with the changing nature of International Relations within the context of the process(es) of globalization.

The course offers the fundamental theoratical perspectives in International Relations and aims at advancing our understanding of globalization by discussing the issues pertaining to the economic, political, technological as well as cultural milieus while tackling with the problems relating to democracy, migration, war and peaceful change, climate change, food security and global governanc

Course Coordinator
Merve Çalımlı Akgün
Course Language
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