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FIZ 315 - Quantum Mechanics I

Course Objectives

1. Understand the fact that there is also indeterminism in nature to the contrary of
our previous knowledge and to enhance our perception about the difference
between macro and micro universes
2. When one considers the mathematical essentials of quantum mechanics, to teach
the students how modern mathematical techniques can be used in physical theories.
3. To understand how physical events can be explained successfully in Quantum
Mechanics which can not be explained by Classical Mechanics.

Course Description

Historical Progress, Matter and Wave, Uncertainty Principle, Postulates and Wave
Function of Quantum Mechanics (Operators, Eigenvalue-Eigenfunction, ProbabilityNormalization, Expectation Value, Momentum Space, Commutator, Dirac Notation),
Schrödinger Equation (Time dependent-independent, Relativistic), One Dimensional
Systems (Applications), Harmonic Oscillator, Formalism (Vectors, Inner Product, Linear
Transformation, Eigenvectors, Hermitian Transformation, Gram-Schmidt Procedure,
Hilbert Space, Parity-Trace Operators), Three Dimensional Systems (Schrödinger
Equation in Spherical Coordinates, Applications)

Course Coordinator
Neşe Özdemir
Course Language
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