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FIZ 362E - Mathematical Mthds in Physc II

Course Objectives

1. To understand the solutions of the second order linear differential equations with the most variable coefficients
2. Strengthening our mathematical background
3. To take advantage of Group Theory to understand the symmetries we know in nature

Course Description

As a continuation of Mathematical Methods I in Physics, we understand that second order linear differential equations with variable coefficients in physics are in fact a special case of Hypergeometric and Confluent-Hypergeometric equations, Obtaining hypergeometric and confluent-hypergeometric functions, Speration of variables method, Analysis of Laplace, Helmholtz, wave and diffusion equations by this method, Continuous potential samples of the Schrodinger equation, Applications of group theory in physics, Green Function method in Sturm-Liouville type equations

Course Coordinator
Meltem Güngörmez
Course Language
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