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ITB 209 - Turkey and World Affairs

Course Objectives

1. To teach milestones of EU integration

2. To teach the milestones of Turkey-EU relations.

3. To create awareness about European studies

4. To highlight the nature of Turkey-EU relations with historical background.

5. To develop an understanding of the dynamics of Turkey-EU relations by teaching the main actors and institutions of the process.
6. To unfold the new developments of Turkey-EU relations in a wider context.

7. To discuss the main challenges of the accession negotiations and the future of the relations.

Course Description

The course will have two main areas. The first 8 weeks focus on introduction the European integration (history, theories, main policy areas, institutions). The second part of the course focus on EU-Turkey relations with historical perspective. Before each week, students will be given reading passages and it will be ensured that they have basic knowledge of the subject before the lesson. In this way, the course will be conducted in interactive way.
In the second part of the course, students will be divided into groups and each group will be given one of the challenges of EU-Turkey relations. On the last week of the course, students will explain the current situation about these challenges and propose their innovative solutions through collaborative work.

Course Coordinator
Didem Özgür
Course Language
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