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ITB 202E - World History

Course Objectives

1. To analyze the similarities and differences of social, economic organizations and the state structures of world civilizations and the reasons of these difference and similarities;
2. To analyze the dynamics of the rise and demise of these civilizations from a comparative perspective;
3. To investigate the creative inventions of the world civilizations to overcome their chronicle problems and the cultural and technological transfers between these civilizations;
4. To re-evaluate the emergence of modern societies with the rich analytical knowledge gained after the analysis of world civilizations.

Course Description

This course aims to provide a general understanding of the world civilizations from antiquity to modern times; to provide analytical knowledge about the emergence, rise and demise of these civilizations from a comparative and historical perspective. In this course, the similarities and differences of the social organizations of these civilizations; the solutions they produced before the chronicle problems of civilizations like population growth, food shortages, the raids of nomadic tribes; their cultural and technological contribution to the common knowledge accumulation of humanity; and finally their economical, political and social inventions that gave rise to modern societies will be analyzed.

Course Coordinator
Ebubekir Ceylan
Course Language
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