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ITB 151 - Human Resources and Management

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to provide students with comparative and historical information about the economic and historical processes from the beginning of human resources management to the present and to gain an analytical perspective. Human Resources Management; It covers all activities on how to obtain human resources and how to use this resource in the most effective way. The Human Resources Management program teaches the knowledge and skills that will enable the organization of the working environment by organizing the relations of the organizations with the employees.

Course Description

1.To analyze how Human Resources Management was born as a discipline and under what conditions it emerged, with its historical, economic and political dimensions;
2.With the emergence of this discipline, to analyze the different layers of business life in human life and the different structuring of this discipline;
3. To determine the place of the human being at the center of human resources management in this process and to evaluate the place of the discipline and human with comparative examples;
4.Re-evaluating the stages of strategic human resources both in human life and in the development of the discipline in a historical and career context

Course Coordinator
Dilek Mürüvvet Görgüç
Course Language
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