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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Sayısal Yöntemler
English Numerical Methods
Course Code
MAT 202E Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 2 1 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ayşe Özge Kürkçüoğlu Levitas
Course Objectives 1 - an introduction to the language, logic, and math of numerical methods AS used in engineering and the sciences
2 - an opportunity to learn how numerical analyses can be applied to a wide RANGE of problems of importance in the sciences, industry, and society.
Course Description Description of Numerical Methods and application of them particularly in engineering. Error analyses in numerical methods, analitical solutions, numerical methods for the solution of systems (lineer and non linear), approximation methods, interpolation, linear regression, numerical integration.
Course Outcomes Upon completion of this course, a student should be able to:
1. Apply iterative methods to solve for the roots of a nonlinear equation, and systems of linear and nonlinear equations
2. Analyze data using interpolation, polynomial approximation and curve fitting
3. Use numerical integration and differentiation in engineering problems
4. Solve simple differential equations using single-step and multi-step methods
5. Determine the sources and effects of truncation and round-off error
6. Calculate an estimate of error in simple numerical formulae
7. Determine an optimum step size to minimize error in use of numerical methods for solving problems such as numerical integration, numerical differentiation, solving a first order ODE.
8. Select and apply suitable numerical methods to solve applied problems in engineering.
9. Apply mathematics to develop single numerical methods such as Newton’s method to solve nonlinear equations, Trapezoidal and Simpson rules for numerical integration, Euler method for solving first order ODEs, elimination methods for solving sets of linear equations.
10. Develop, test and evaluate MATLAB algorithms for solving problems
11. Connect between theory and practice
12. Work together in an informal setting to solve simple engineering problems.
Required Facilities
Textbook Applied Numerical Analysis, 6th edition by Curtis F Gerald and Patrick O Wheatly, Addison Wesley Publishing Company, 1999
Other References - Numerical Methods for Engineers by Steven C. Chapra, Raymond P. Canale, McGraw Hill, 6th ed. 2010
- Numerical Methods for Mathematics, Science and Engineering by John H. Mathews, Prentical Hall Int Inc, 1992
- Applied Numerical Methods by Brice Carnahan, H. A. Luther and James O Wilkes, R. E. Krieger Pub. Co., 1990.
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