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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Objective vectors and tensors, stress flux
2 Principle of conservation of energy
3 Entropy, Principle of entropy, Clausius-Duhem inequality
4 Constitutive equations, axioms of constitutive theory
5 Axioms of constitutive theory, isotropic functions
6 Hyper-elastic materials, isotropic elastic materials
7 Linear constitutive equations
8 Infinite cylindrical tube subjected to internal and external pressure
10 Thermoelasticity, Linear constitutive equations
11 Temperature propagation in a half space
12 Viscous fluids, Linear constitutive equations
13 Motion of incompressible viscous fluid in one space dimension
14 Viscoelasticity, linear and nonlinear Kelvin-Voigt solids and Maxwell solids
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