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KIM 318 - Colloid Chemistry

Course Objectives

1. To acquaint with the foundations of colloid chemistry.
2. To give information interaction between colloid chemistry and surface science.
3. To formulate systematically and to correlate critically the theories underlying colloidal chemical behavior.
4. To illustrate the widely diversified applications of the principle of colloid chemistry in such fields as the industrial process, agriculture and biology.

Course Description

Classification of colloids, Preparation of colloidal dispersions, Purification procedures of colloidal dispersions, Stability of colloids, Kinetic properties of colloids, Optic properties of colloids, Viscosity and rhelogy of colloids, Surface tension and Adsorption, Association colloids, Electrokinetic properties of colloids, Coagulation of colloids, Gels and emulsion, Foams and aerosol , Catalysis

Course Coordinator
Nevin Öztekin
Course Language
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