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FIZ 231E - Electronics I

Course Objectives

1. To have basic knowledge of the basic electronic circuit elements.
2. To have basic knowledge of physical phenomena related to electronic devices
3. To grasp the working principles of semiconductors and circuit elements
4. Gaining the training and knowledge to use those electronic devices in today’s electronic applications
5. To have basic knowledge of operational amplifiers and gaining the training to use of operational amplifiers.

Course Description

Introduction to Electronic Circuit Elements, Energy Levels and Energy Bands, Semiconductors, Conduction in Semiconductors, Semiconductor–Diode, Applications of Semiconductor–Diodes, Special Types of Diodes, Transistor, Transistor Biasing, Applications of Transistors, Field Effect Transistors (FET), FET Biasing, Applications of FETs, Introduction to Operational Amplifiers.

Course Coordinator
Ali Gelir
Course Language
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