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KIM 421 - Industrial Chemistry

Course Objectives

1 - To provide information in the topic of industrial chemistry
2 - To provide experience in carrying out a literature search for conscious usage and making comments
3 - To practice laboratory works about industrial chemistry topics
4 - To provide the ability to communicate effectively in writing report about Industrial Chemistry

Course Description

Water technology, production of sulfuric acid, production of sodium chloride, borax production, glass technology, indrustry of petroluem chemistry, technology of vegetable oil, ammonia production, urea production. Laboratory: Soda production with Solvay method, adsorption, production of boric acid from colemanite, sedimentation, sieve analysis, production of borax dekahydrate from tincal, refinement process of vegetable oils, oil extraction by soxhlet method, water analysis with xylene, water analysis, petroluem analysis.

Course Coordinator
Hacer Ayşen Önen
Course Language
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