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FIZ 447E - Biologically Mot.Pro.in St.Phy

Course Objectives

1. Introduction of students to the basic physical mechanisms that underlie fundamental processes in living systems on the cellular and sub-cellular level
2. Appreciation of complexity and robustness of biological systems that can adapt themselves dynamically to a wide range of working conditions
3. Development of analytical and synthetic thinking skills through studying multi-layered biological problems with the use of mathematical apparatus of physics

Course Description

Basic components and organization of living systems; probabilistic nature of molecular interactions; random walks and molecular diffusion; transport in viscous fluids; thermodynamics of living systems; entropic and chemical forces; self-assembly; mechanical properties of biomaterials; cooperative transitions in macromolecules; enzymes and molecular motors; membranes and compartmentalization; transduction of nerve impulses; selected experimental methods of biophysics.

Course Coordinator
Alexandr Jonas
Course Language
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