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KIM 262E - Int. Atomic & Molec. Str.

Course Objectives

1. To give a solid understanding of the physical and mathematical aspects of quantum mechanics at the introductory level
2. To teach how to approach chemical problems by using the laws of the quantum mechanics
3. To teach the methods to study atomic and molecular electronic structure and their relation to spectroscopy

Course Description

Overview of the mathematical background required to follow the course ( operators, complex numbers, differential equations), Schrödinger equation and its solution for simple model system (particle in a box problem), the concept of energy quantization, Quantum mechanical treatment of the nuclear motions ( vibration and rotation) of diatomic molecules, the understanding of the relationship between the molecular properties ( bond strength, bond length) and the IR, microwave frequencies, The study of the results obtained from the solution of the Schrödinger equation for a real system -Hydrogen atom-, the orbital concept, Hydrogen-like ions, Many electron atoms, Born-Oppenheimer approximation, Helium atom, Variation principle, The electronic structure of diatomic molecules

Course Coordinator
Nurcan Tüzün
Course Language
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