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MAT 106 - Analytic Geometry and Vector Algebra

Course Objectives

The course is designed to meet the mathematical needs of Geomatic Engineering. It will include the topics of Analytic Geometry and the methods of Vector Analysis

Course Description

Vector algebra, Equality of vectors, Multiplication of vectors by scalars,Vector additon, subtraction, Scalar Product/Vector product, Scaler triple product, Vector triple product, Basis, Vectors in the rectangular coordinate system, Analytic representation, Vector algebra, base vector and posistion vectors, Scaler product, Vector product, Analytic Characterization of vectors, Triple products, Basis, Coordinate transformation, Plane coordinates, Space coordinate system, Coordinate transformation in plane, Application of vector methods to elementary geometry, Plane, Straight line, Straight and plane, second-degree surfaces (conics).

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Ufuk Özerman
Course Language
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