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FIZ 411E - Electromagnetic Theory I

Course Objectives

1 - To provide the concepts of vectorial analysis, differential operators and integral theorems , so to give an ability to apply knowledge of mathematics to engineering
2 - To provide the concepts of electric and magnetic fields, and to give an ability to understand the differences and similarities between these concepts.

Course Description

Vector analysis , Differential and Integral Calculus, Curvilinear Coordinates ,Dirac Delta Function, Vector Fields, Electrostatic Fields, Electric Potential, Work and Energy, Conductors, Laplaces Equation, Electric Multi-pole, Polarization, Electric Displacement, Dielectrics, Lorentz Force ,Biot -Savart Law, Divergence and Curl of Magnetic Field, Vector Potential, Magnetization, Linear and Non Linear, Electromagnetic Media Induction, Maxwells Equation, Conservation Laws.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Özgür Özer
Course Language
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