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FIZ 101E - Physics I

Course Objectives

Objectives of the course:

1. Ability to write equations of motion for simple mechanical systems and integrate these equations

2. Appropriate application of various conservation laws (energy, momentum, angular momentum conservation) in cases where direct integration of equations of motion is not feasible

Course Description

Weekly lecture plan

1: Units, physical quantities, and vectors
2: Motion along a straight line, motion in two or three dimensions
3: Newton's laws of motion
4: Applying Newton's laws
5: Work and kinetic energy
6: Review - 1st midterm exam
7: Potential energy and energy conservation
8: Momentum, impulse, and collisions
9: Rotation of rigid bodies
10: Dynamics of rotational motion
11: Review - 2nd midterm exam
12: Equilibrium and elasticity
13: Gravitation
14: Review - final exam

Course Coordinator
Alexandr Jonas
Course Language
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