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BIO 303 - Biomaterials

Course Objectives

1. To show students the fundamental biomaterial science
2. To provide students the application of biomaterials
3. To train students to design biomaterials
4. To show students an ability to engage in life-long learning
5. To show students a knowledge of contemporary issues

Course Description

Definition of biomaterials and biocompatibility, classification of biomaterials, bulk and surface properties of biomaterials, metallic, ceramic, polymeric, natural and composite biomaterials, tissue-biomaterial interactions, characterization of biomaterials, applications and usage areas of biomaterials, artificial organs and implants, smart gels and drug delivery systems, degradation of biomaterials and environmental aspects, design of biomaterials, standards and the future of biomaterials

Course Coordinator
Fatma Seniha Güner
Course Language
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