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FIZ 352E - Quantum Mechanics II

Course Objectives

1 - To learn how to apply quantum mechanics to the three dimensional real systems
2 - To understand the spin angular momentum which has no classical counterpart
3 - To understand how the structure of the hydrogen-type atoms can be explained successfully in quantum mechanics

Course Description

3 dimensional Schrödinger equation: systems with spherical symmetry. Radial equation. Free particle. Infinite spherical well. Two-particle problem. Hydrogen atom. Stern-Gerlach experiment, spin angular momentum. Differential and matrix representations of operators. Spin- magnetic field interaction. Addition of angular momenta: Clebsch-Gordan coefficients. Identical particles. Particle interchange operator. Pauli principle. N-particle systems. Spin and statistics. Time-independent perturbation theory: first and second order perturbations. Degenerate perturbation theory. Stark effect. Fine structure and hyperfine structure of the hydrogen atom. Zeeman effect. EPR paradox and the principle of locality. Seperability problem and quantum entanglement.

Course Coordinator
Gönül Eryürek
Gönül Eryürek
Course Language
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