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MUH 311E - Continuum Mechanics I

Course Objectives

To teach tensor operations and physical meaning of a tensor and its components.
2. To teach the basic equations related to the description of deformation and motion of a
3. To obtain the equation of conservation of mass, the equation of conservation of momentum,
the equation of conservation of angular momentum and the equation of conservation of energy.
4. To provide the concepts of stress vector and tensor.

Course Description

Deformation, length and angle changes, area and volume changes. Strain invariants, principal axes,
compatibility conditions. Kinematics; velocity, acceleration, material derivative, path, stream and streak
lines. Deformation rate, vorticity. Kinematics of line, surface and volume integrals. Stress tensor, principal
stresses. Equations of conservation of mass and balance of, momentum, angular momentum and energy.

Course Coordinator
Saadet Seher Özer
Course Language
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