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FIZ 443 - Solar Energy Physics and Technology I

Course Objectives

1.To calculate the amount of radiation on a collector.
2.To introduce the flat plate solar energy collector and its parts. To teach the design and construction of
this type of collector
3.To transfer the knowledge of optics and thermodynamics on the use of flate plate collectors.

Course Description

Renewable energy sources and solar energy, sun and solar radiation outside the atmosphere, passage of
solar radiation through the atmosphere,terrestrial irradition, electromagnetic spectrum, absorption and
emission of radiation, Planck and Wien displacement law, Stefan-Boltzmann Formula, radiation
characteristics of opaque materials, Kirchoff law, reflection from surfaces, flat solar collectors, transparent
coatings. Reflection from interfaces. Transmission and absorption. Anti-reflecting coating. Absorbing
surfaces, selective surfaces, thermal analysis of collectors, collector energy losses, collector efficiency,
collector performance testing.

Course Coordinator
Zuhal Er
Course Language
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