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ITB 227E - Political Theory

Course Objectives

. To introduce the field of political theory and contemporary political debates to
students and to lead critical and philosophical discussion on the relationship
between politics and humans.
2. To identify and express, both orally and in writing, the foundational issues in
political theory.
3. To expand their skill to critically evaluate arguments in political philosophy, both
orally and in writing, by using philosophical methods developed by political

Course Description

This course examines specific concepts such as “liberty”, “authority”, “justice”,
“equality” democracy and distinctive sets of political arguments that shape our
understanding of good life. In this context, It will specifically focus on questions that are
directly relevant to contemporary of politics, for example: What rules should govern
political community? How is authority is justified, What are human rights and how do
they relate democracy.

Course Coordinator
Jan Kandiyali
Course Language
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