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FIZ 202E - Electronics II

Course Objectives

1. To learn the properties and the applications of field effect transistors.
2. To examine the basic properties of signal amplifiers and the applications of amplifiers with transistors/field effect transistors in detail.
3. To examine the basic properties and applications of differential, multistage and power amplifiers.
4. To learn what is the negative and the positive feedback and how it can do.
5. To learn the basic properties, linear and nonlinear applications of operational amplifiers. And to learn the basic principles and the applications of filters and oscillators

Course Description

Field Effect Transistors, Biasing of Field Effect Transistors, Amplifiers with Transistor, Amplifiers with Field Effect Transistor, Diferantial Amplifiers, Multistage Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Feedback, Operational Amplifiers, Linear Application of Operational Amplifiers, Nonlinear Applications of Operational Amplifiers, Filters, Oscillators.

Course Coordinator
Ali Gelir
Course Language
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