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ITB 233E - Anthropology

Course Objectives

1. Guiding students in seeing the world from an anthropological perspective.
2. Developing ability to think and read critically;
3. Developing an ability of creative thinking and writing;
4. Developing ability to ask strategic questions;
5. Developing the ability to think theoretically and conceptually;
6. Developing the ability to communicate and discuss issues effectively;
7. Developing the ability to read and understand texts, make research and write.

Course Description

This course covers general topics of interest in the discipline of anthropology. The major theories and methods of anthropology will be used to account for the similarities and diversities in human cultures in a comparative perspective. The course will be an introduction to the holistic approaches that evaluate the meanings of and interactions between diverse cultural phenomena, such as environment, ecology, language, belief systems, symbolic systems and meanings, myths, family, marriage and kinship, gender, enculturation processes, political organizations, and economic practices. Through readings, lectures, films and discussions the themes, conceptual frameworks and techniques of research in anthropology will be learned.

Course Coordinator
Sevil Hatice Baltalı Tırpan
Course Language
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