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ITB 227E - Political Theory

Course Objectives

• Demonstrate an ability to identify and articulate, both orally and in writing, the conceptual issues in political theory
• Demonstrate an ability to understand and apply central concepts of political theories so that they can not only be described but also know what is being explained;
• Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate arguments in political theory
• Sharpen student’s competence in basic reading, verbal, writing and organizations and cooperation skills
• Demonstrate an appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to political theory
• Demonstrate ability of normative reasoning and conceptual analysis to contemporary political issues.

Course Description

This course offers the opportunity to study major conceptual issues which have arisen in the field of normative political theory. The course examines distinctive sets of political arguments and specific concepts such as freedom, equality, justice and democracy that shape our understanding of good life. It will also specifically focus on questions that are directly relevant to contemporary debates of political theory, for example: How should we live in political community and what are its proper limits of political community? What rules should govern the political community? How the state justified and what is is justice? How does it relate to equality? What are human rights and should minority groups of political community be granted special rights? ‘Is war ever justified?’, ‘Is democracy the best form of ruling?

Course Coordinator
Gürcan Koçan
Gürcan Koçan
Course Language
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