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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Human Evolution: Biological and Cultural
2 a) Paleolithic-Neolithic transition: New environment and new society in temperate Europe and in the Near East. (Mithen, DR Harris, Gebauer, Özdoğan ve Başgelen; Düring),
b) From caves and camps to villages: The “Revolution” of the Neolithic (Redman, Ammerman, Anderson, Özdoğan ve Başgelen; Düring),
3 Why are you acting up? Behavioral changes with the transition to agriculture
4 How early is it? The foundations of social inequality (Price-Feinman, Tainter)

* Students are expected to announce their research paper topics,
5 The First Midterm
6 What are you doing? The change in the production systems (Costin in Feinman-Price, Flannery-Marcus, Monahan in Thurston-Fisher),
7 The National Day of Turkey - Official holiday
8 The Fall Break
9 Do They Go Together? Political Economy and Power (Earle, Frangipane)
10 Is it sustainable? Perspectives from historical ecology (Hornborg and Crumley),
11 The Second Midterm (15%)

* Students are expected to submit a draft of their research papers
12 The “Archaic” states (Feinman-Marcus, Yoffee)
13 Sumerian¬-Babylonian-Akkadian civilizations (reading to be announced)
14 The Hittites (reading to be announced)
15 The Roman Empire (reading to be announced)
16 The finals will be held between January 2 – 14: the date and the place of the final exam for this course will be announced later in the semester.
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