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KIM 212E - Instrumental Analytic. Methods

Course Objectives

1. To give an introduction to principle of spectroscopic, electrometric and chromatographic methods of analysis..
2. To give qualitative and quantitative information about the composition and structure of matter.
3. Correct choice and efficient use of modern analytical instruments

Course Description

Inroduction to Spectrometric Methods, Components of optical instruments, Inroduction to optical Atomic Spectrometry, Atomic Absorption and Atomic Emission Spectrometry, Ultraviolet-visible Molecular Absorption Spectrometry, Molecular Luminescence Spectrometry, Infrared Spectrometry, Electroanalytical Chemistry, Potantiometry, Redox Titration, Voltammetry, Coulometry, Amperometry, Conductometry,, Gas Chromatography, High- Performance Liquid Chromatography, Partition-Adsorpsition Ion exchange, Size-Exclusion, Supercritical Fluid Chromatography , Capillary Electrophoresis

Course Coordinator
Ferah Çalışır
Course Language
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