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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Bilgi, Dil, Mantık
English Knowledge, Language & Logic
Course Code
ITB 037E Credit Lecture
Semester -
- 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Aydan Turanlı
Course Objectives 1. To introduce topics related to knowledge, language and logic.
2. Developing the ability to think theoretically and conceptually.
3. Developing the ability to communicate and discuss issues effectively.
4. Developing the ability to read and understand texts, make research and write.
5. Developing the capacity to locate and evaluate engineering problems in their social contexts.
Course Description The course discusses the fundamental problems of theory of knowledge, philosophy of language and logic. Topics covered are: the relation between language and mind; language and reality; language and society; traditional understanding of language as well as its critique in the twenty first century. Issues related to the nature of human knowledge, how do we know, the nature of scientific knowledge, the relation between knowledge, belief and truth: issues related to the relation between syntactics, semantics and pragmatics.
Course Outcomes Students who succeed in this course will improve their ability to;
1. Logical reasoning,
2. Think theoretically and conceptually,
3. Communicate and discuss issues effectively,
4. Read and understand texts, make research and write,
5. Locate and evaluate engineering problems in their social contexts.
Pre-requisite(s) None
Required Facilities Classrom with a Projector
Other ----
Textbook Searle, John. Consciousness and Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2002
_________. Expression and Meaning. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (1979) 1999
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Kenny A. Wittgenstein. Suffolk: Penguin Press. 1976
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Wittgenstein, Ludwig. Philosophical Investigations. Translated by G.E.M. Anscombe. New York: Macmillan Publishing. (1953
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